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Upcoming Events

  • Sat
    10am-1pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Intuitive Assemblage with Roberta Sprague

    Gathered memories

    Gathered memories


    Assemblage provides the opportunity to include materials, found and created, that have been collected, such as: shell, rocks, beach glass, small bones, keys, beads, grasses, old greeting cards and papers that have accumulated like flotsam and jetsam of life's journey.

    "Anyone could do this type of art. I have been working with collage materials for 20 years. Once I started, every walk on the beach or in the woods, yard sales and antique stores became sources for materials. You can made assemblages as celebrations or memorials for friends and loved ones and as birthday presents." Sprague

    Some materials provided- students will get a course info packet upon registration.

    Call 207-664-0222 to sign up

  • Sat
    10am-12pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    HeartFelt Valentines with Heidi Jai-
    Beginner Needle Felting Workshop


    Looking to make unique valentines this year? Trade in your paper and scissors for wool and felting needles! Come join Heidi Jai and make woolly felted valentines while you learn the basics of needle felting. Needle felting is an easy to learn, inexpensive craft that requires no sewing, no counting and no measuring. After one beginner class you’ll be ready to stock up on wool and spend the rest of winter making fuzzy creations. All materials are included for several felted hearts. (This class uses very sharp needles.)

    Minimum age 12. Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

    Call 207-664-0222 to sign up

  • Sat
    10am-4pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Indigo Shibori with Amelia Poole

    Poole Indigo Shibori

    includes all materials

    Explore techniques of traditional Japanese resist dyeing.  Learn binding, stitching, and pole wrapping techniques.  Experiment on cotton and silk cloth, make one finished silk scarf and cotton yardage perfect for your own fiber work like quilting or other sewing projects.

    Indigo - Indigo is a natural blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria and other pigment bearing species. Indigo has been used as a colorant for nearly 5,500 years. The dye is extracted from the leaves through a lengthy process of soaking and fermentation, drying and grinding.  When the cloth or fiber is removed from the dye vat it changes, as if by magic, from yellow-green through green and turquoise to blue.  Multiple dips in the dye vat are required to create dark shades. 

    Bring a bag lunch and scissors, beverages and snacks provided. 

    Call 207-664-0222 to sign up

    Amelia Poole holds a degree in Textile Design and Construction from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, Surrey, UK.

    This workshop is generously supported by the Maine Community Foundation, Maine Expansion Arts Fund. Scholarships are available please submit a letter to request assistance based on need and interest in the workshop to artsworthstudios@gmail.com by Jan. 29th. to be considered.

  • Sat
    10am-4pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Casanova Marketplace

    Casanova Marketplace

    Casanova Marketplace 2015

    Our second annual Casanova Marketplace will feature work by local artisans. Stop in to buy a last minute gift for someone special or a treat for yourself. We will also be doing glass heart demonstrations in our hot glass studio. Stay tuned for more information!

  • Fri
    1pm-3pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Art Talk with Guest Jeweler Tom Ferrero

    Ferrero Mace FINAL

    Mace by Tom Ferrero

    tomworkingmars series - Tom Fererro1pm-3pm

    On February 19
    th, Artsworth will be hosting guest lecturer Tom Ferrero for a free presentation about him and his work as a metal artist and jeweler.

    Tom is a metal artist and Assistant Professor of Jewelry at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is also the Department Head of a metal arts program at Camp Laurel in central Maine where he has taught students ages 7-70.

    He is a first place winner of the Niche Award and the International Saul Bell Design Award Competition. He has also been featured on the cover of Metalsmith Magazine and is published in several jewelry books.

    Tom’s lecture will discuss his work, process, and approach to design and construction. He will discuss his early work and its development with a special emphasis on his latest work, The Mace.

    We are working with Tom to organize metalsmithing workshops at Artsworth in the future.  If you are interested in taking a workshop with Tom someday, this lecture would be a great opportunity for introductions to him and his work.

  • Sat
    10 am - 4:30 pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Hands on Words: Articulating the Maker

    with Candice Stover

    hands on words

    10 am - 4:30 pm

    This one-day, multi-media workshop is designed for visual artists and makers of all kinds-including writers- who want to explore this work in image, memory, and words. Each participant needs to bring the following materials: (1) a notebook or journal to write in; (2) a pen or pencil to write with, (3) a pair of scissors, (4) an example of your work (portable, not enormous), and (5) a readiness to see and hear what you make freshly.

    Workshop limited to 12 participants. All skill levels (in your craft and in words) welcome. 

    Time will be allotted for lunch, feel free to bring a bag lunch to enjoy in the studio, or to go with Candice on a short walk to main street in Ellsworth where you can purchase yourself a tasty lunch at 86 This or Flexit Cafe.

    Candice Stover is a poet and teacher who designs and facilitates workshops in writing and literature focusing on discovering who we are in words. Her workshop experience includes the voices of children, decades of courses for college students, two years in Shanghai, three published collections of poetry, and continuing work with a women's writing group she began in 1992 on Mount Desert Island where she lives.

    Call 207-664-0222 to sign up

  • Sat
    10am-1pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Introduction to the Amazing Mandala

    With Susan Aripotch

    Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 3.24.58 PM


    Winter is the perfect time for this inwardly-focused art form.

    The design of the mandala is meant to be visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease, and a more philosophic essence envelops the maker. In this workshop, you will learn the technique of setting up a mandala, a bit of its history and how to make this type of radiant drawing. No art experience is required, and all materials are provided.

    Lunch not included, but snacks will be provided.

    Susan Aripotch has drawn all her life, and in 1995, she invented the mandala, or thought she did. Many mandalas later, she learned that countless others had been experiencing their magic for eons. She has welcomed hundreds of children and adults into the self-revealing world of making the circle in workshops such as this.

    Call 207-664-0222 to sign up


  • Sat
    Reservations 10am-2pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Make a Glass Bead with Tara Parker


    Reservations available between 10am-2pm

    This experience introduces you to the basics of flameworking and offers a focused experience with hot glass. Tara Parker demonstrates how to work with molten glass at the torch, and guides you through the process of making one of your very own glass beads.

    You’ll start by turning a mandrel - a metal rod used in beadmaking - in the flame.

    Melting colored glass rods in the flame and applying the molten glass to your mandrel will create your bead design. How you wind the glass onto the mandrel makes patterns and beautiful unique glassy designs.

    Students should expect to spend one hour in the workshop as Tara makes her way to your turn the actual time spent making a bead is a fairly swift process and usually takes about 20- minutes.

    Pieces must cool overnight and can be picked up the next day, or shipped within the US and Canada at no additional cost.

    Age requirements- 18 and over

    Call 664-0222 to make a reservation 

  • Fri
    8:00 pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Music by Chamberlain- March FORTH!


    Come hear some rad music by Adam Goode bass player, vocalist Kat Johnson, drummer Ryan Tipping-Spitz, and guitarist Christopher Dodd.

    According to Emily Burnham of the the Bangor Daily column, Culture Shock- "stomping indie garage-rock, with a bit of a fuzzy, noisy, Sonic Youth-esque edge thanks to Dodd’s stellar guitar work full of zooming, distorted solos, and a punk rock flair via Johnson’s channeling of vocalists like Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Patti Smith.

    It's an opportunity to shake the winter blues off, move your groove thang and support your local arts hang out! No cover charge, but donations of a couple bucks are encouraged and appreciated.

  • Sat
    10am-1pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Internet Marketing for Artists with Nicole Ouellette



    This workshop will focus on how artists can use social media to boost their online image and presence, make more money, emerge as a leader in the industry, improve customer service, and more. Nicole will help participants understand technical details to make marketing on the internet easier and more accessible for artists that are looking to deeper their business connections online.

    The opposite of this class is to overwhelm you. We want you to cross
    things OFF your to do list or find quicker ways to do them. You may
    leave this class, say, deciding not to do Instagram... and rather than
    feeling flustered when someone asks you why you aren't doing
    Instagram, you'll calmly tell them why you aren't and be completely
    fine with it. So, you can space out during parts of this workshop, if they don't apply to you. Parts of it, you'll take mad notes. This workshop is about options and making money more easily, not to make you feel bad about all the things you aren't doing. Ready to work smarter not harder? Know that online is the ticket to your growing
    success? You should be at this workshop.

    Not an artist? Come anyway. Nicole isn't either. We'll be giving
    examples of artists but that doesn't mean you can't apply the same
    ideas to your accounting practice, etc. Andy Warhol said doing great
    business is an art and we couldn't agree more.

    10:00 AM- Goal Setting AKA What can I measure online to see if what
    I'm doing is working?
    10:15 AM- Who's Your Customer?- Figuring out who your customer is is a
    good way to figure out what things to do/not do.
    What are you good at?- Deciding what you like doing in terms of
    creation is another good way to figure out what you can do/not do.
    10:45 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Facebook (think of each one of
    these as going over demographics of who uses the site, how to post
    things, and some examples of good useage. It's a quick tour but good!)
    11:00 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Twitter
    11:15 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Google+
    11:30 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Pinterest
    11:45 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Instagram
    12:00 PM- Social Media Guided Tour: Youtube/Periscope
    12:15 PM- Blogging: The Ugly Redheaded Stepchild that's actually really cool
    12:30 PM- Email Marketing: The Grandparent you love but don't visit as
    much as you should
    12:45 PM- Some Ways To Put It All Together between your website, blog,
    email newsletter, and social media

    Nicole is the owner of  Breaking Even Communications, an internet marketing and web content creation company in Bar Harbor. Her and her team have worked with hundreds of individuals , companies, and non-profits in Downeast Maine to help them boost their media presence and feel comfortable maintaining their online image.
  • Sat
    10am-3pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    One Day Website with Nicole Ouellette

    Nicole Ouellette 210am-3pm

    The goal of this workshop is to leave with a basic, functional website that you can keep up-to-date and grow over time.

    Participants can expect to learn the different components of a website and how they work together, how to make pages and blog posts, customize your website's appearance, add features to your website (contact forms, image galleries, and more), track your website data, and understand ecommerce.

    The workshop fee includes a domain and one free year of web hosting.

    This is an active workshop so be ready to work on your site!
    Before this workshop, we'll have Wordpress installed on your chosen
    domain (or if you already have a website you don't want to get rid of
    just yet, we'll make you a space you can work and then we can move
    your new site live if you are ready to do so after the class!) Bring a
    computer, bring your questions, and, most importantly, bring your
    ideas. You are NOT going to want to write your company history or crop
    photos in the middle of this workshop so the more stuff you have to
    work with, the better your website will be at the end of the day.

    If you have an existing Wordpress website and simply want training on
    it, this is also a good class to attend. You'll have less to do but
    you'll have more time to look around your current site and understand
    how it works better.

    10:00 AM- Website Needs and Costs (domain names and hosting)
    10:15 AM- Your website options (DIY software like Squarespace, free
    stuff like Google Sites, and Wordpress) AKA Why this is a Wordpress
    10:30 AM- Basic Website Principles: Calls to action, where we
    traditionally place certain elements like navigational menus, thinking
    about mobile experience
    11:00 AM- Making Pages on your site (adding links, formatting, adding photos)
    11:30 AM- Making a navigational menu
    12:00 PM- Lunch
    12:30 PM- Choosing your design/theme: What are your options and
    figuring out what you like
    1:00 PM - Design 2.0: Customizing your design for you
    1:30 PM- Adding Function to your website with plugins: Adding dynamic
    elements like Facebook like buttons, a contact form, and more. A list
    of some of my favorites.
    2:00 PM- Tracking your website with Google Analytics
    2:30 PM- Q and A, work time to finish website

    Example site made in this class last year: http://birchmoonboutique.com/

    Call 207-664-0222 to reserve a spot!

  • Sat
    5:00 pm1 kimball road, NE Harbor, ME 04662

    Please join us on April 9th for an evening of wining and dining, dancing, and a silent auction to benefit Maine organizations in need. All proceeds will be split between Artsworth, The S.P.C.A. of Hancock County, Midwives of Maine, and the Acadia Wildlife Foundation.

    If you would like to buy tickets in advance, volunteer at the event, or donate an item to the silent auction, please contact us at 207-664-0222 or artsworthstudios@gmail.com or email Julie Havener at mail@juliehavener.com.

    If you are unable to attend, but would like to make a monetary donation to Artsworth please click here.

  • Sat
    By appointment 10am-3pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605









    $40    •    10am-2pm by appointment
    Availability December 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd

    Age Restriction: 14 years or older, under 18 accompanied by an adult.

    This experience allows you to work with hot glass up close, while staying on the cool end of the glassblowing equipment at all times. You'll start by choosing the glass colors you want to use in your ornament, and then partner with our professional glassblowers to create it. You will shape the ornament by blowing air through the moving blowpipe as the glassblower guides the glass with special tools. After you and the glassblower have shaped your ornament, it is removed from the blowpipe, a glass loop is added and it is placed in an oven to begin an overnight slow cooling process. Ornaments are ready for pick up the following week or may be shipped for an additional fee within the US and Canada.

    Call 207-664-0222 to register. You will be scheduled to arrive during a one hour time slot.

    When you get to our hot shop, please check in at the front counter. There you will receive some information on color choices and we will verify any payment info you may have given us to reserve your spot.
    You can expect to spend about an hour in the shop, as we give you a safety orientation and make our way to your turn. Making a blown glass ornament  is a swift process (only about 15 to 20 minutes). The glass maker must work with the blower (you) to both expand the glass to its largest and thinnest capacity while also squeezing it to create the very smallest of openings at the crack off point of the blow pipe. By its very nature, making an ornament happens quickly but it is so memorable and dramatic! It's the perfect introduction to how hot glass works.




  • Sat
    10am-4pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605


    For the second year in a row our annual Fire Gathering will feature a pop-up marketplace. Local artisans will sell handmade fine arts and crafts and specialty foods from 10 to 5. This is a great opportunity to get last minute Holiday gifts for a loved one, or something for yourself.


    Jeanne Seronde Perkins   •   Julie Havener & Jon Ho   •   Leslie Jones

    Jessica L. Harris Designs   •   Island Soap   •   A Stones Throw to Health

    Sierra Henries, Birch Bark Artist   •   Roberta Sprague   •   Jenny King

    River Wind Woolies   •   Sage Moon Apothecary   •   Cute Knits   •   Tara Parker

    Katia Ancona   •   Salt Run Farm Crafts   •   Michelle Levesque

    Debbie Sitterly   •   Kristen McNulty



  • Sat
    10am-5pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME 04605

    Fire Gathering

    Blacksmithing at the 6th Annual Fire Gathering

    All are Welcome!

    For the 7th year, we open our doors and welcome you to an event full of fiery energy and creativity. As always, there will be glassblowing, blacksmithing, and torchworking demonstrations happening all day. Come warm yourself by our fires and welcome the winter with us.