Introduction to the Amazing Mandala

Introduction to the Amazing Mandala

With Susan Aripotch

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Winter is the perfect time for this inwardly-focused art form.

The design of the mandala is meant to be visually appealing so as to absorb the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease, and a more philosophic essence envelops the maker. In this workshop, you will learn the technique of setting up a mandala, a bit of its history and how to make this type of radiant drawing. No art experience is required, and all materials are provided.

Lunch not included, but snacks will be provided.

Susan Aripotch has drawn all her life, and in 1995, she invented the mandala, or thought she did. Many mandalas later, she learned that countless others had been experiencing their magic for eons. She has welcomed hundreds of children and adults into the self-revealing world of making the circle in workshops such as this.

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