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Learning and experiencing art is what we at Artsworth do. By providing unique workshops to our community members, whether they are children, teenagers, or adults, we are able to open the doors to creativity and show all who wish to learn about the beauty of crafting high quality work with your hands and heart. Workshops are held at 25 Pine Street and range from learning about how to manipulate molten glass to how to solder metal to how to sculpt out of clay or fiber. Our goal is to remain open to suggestions and ideas of how to meet the interests and needs of our community by providing a space for all teachers to share their craft with students of all ages. We hope that if you have a great idea that you wish to share with others, that you will come to Artsworth, share our space and share with us. Below you will find a list of current offerings: check back as our list is always changing! Teach a workshop!

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Internet Marketing for Artists with Nicole Ouellette

    10am-1pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    Internet Marketing for Artists with Nicole Ouellette



    This workshop will focus on how artists can use social media to boost their online image and presence, make more money, emerge as a leader in the industry, improve customer service, and more. Nicole will help participants understand technical details to make marketing on the internet easier and more accessible for artists that are looking to deeper their business connections online.

    The opposite of this class is to overwhelm you. We want you to cross
    things OFF your to do list or find quicker ways to do them. You may
    leave this class, say, deciding not to do Instagram... and rather than
    feeling flustered when someone asks you why you aren't doing
    Instagram, you'll calmly tell them why you aren't and be completely
    fine with it. So, you can space out during parts of this workshop, if they don't apply to you. Parts of it, you'll take mad notes. This workshop is about options and making money more easily, not to make you feel bad about all the things you aren't doing. Ready to work smarter not harder? Know that online is the ticket to your growing
    success? You should be at this workshop.

    Not an artist? Come anyway. Nicole isn't either. We'll be giving
    examples of artists but that doesn't mean you can't apply the same
    ideas to your accounting practice, etc. Andy Warhol said doing great
    business is an art and we couldn't agree more.

    10:00 AM- Goal Setting AKA What can I measure online to see if what
    I'm doing is working?
    10:15 AM- Who's Your Customer?- Figuring out who your customer is is a
    good way to figure out what things to do/not do.
    What are you good at?- Deciding what you like doing in terms of
    creation is another good way to figure out what you can do/not do.
    10:45 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Facebook (think of each one of
    these as going over demographics of who uses the site, how to post
    things, and some examples of good useage. It's a quick tour but good!)
    11:00 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Twitter
    11:15 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Google+
    11:30 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Pinterest
    11:45 AM- Social Media Guided Tour: Instagram
    12:00 PM- Social Media Guided Tour: Youtube/Periscope
    12:15 PM- Blogging: The Ugly Redheaded Stepchild that's actually really cool
    12:30 PM- Email Marketing: The Grandparent you love but don't visit as
    much as you should
    12:45 PM- Some Ways To Put It All Together between your website, blog,
    email newsletter, and social media

    Nicole is the owner of  Breaking Even Communications, an internet marketing and web content creation company in Bar Harbor. Her and her team have worked with hundreds of individuals , companies, and non-profits in Downeast Maine to help them boost their media presence and feel comfortable maintaining their online image.