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Learning and experiencing art is what we at Artsworth do. By providing unique workshops to our community members, whether they are children, teenagers, or adults, we are able to open the doors to creativity and show all who wish to learn about the beauty of crafting high quality work with your hands and heart. Workshops are held at 25 Pine Street and range from learning about how to manipulate molten glass to how to solder metal to how to sculpt out of clay or fiber. Our goal is to remain open to suggestions and ideas of how to meet the interests and needs of our community by providing a space for all teachers to share their craft with students of all ages. We hope that if you have a great idea that you wish to share with others, that you will come to Artsworth, share our space and share with us. Below you will find a list of current offerings: check back as our list is always changing! Teach a workshop!

Upcoming Workshops and Events

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  • Sat

    One Day Website with Nicole Ouellette

    10am-3pm25 Pine Street, Ellsworth, ME

    One Day Website with Nicole Ouellette

    Nicole Ouellette 210am-3pm

    The goal of this workshop is to leave with a basic, functional website that you can keep up-to-date and grow over time.

    Participants can expect to learn the different components of a website and how they work together, how to make pages and blog posts, customize your website's appearance, add features to your website (contact forms, image galleries, and more), track your website data, and understand ecommerce.

    The workshop fee includes a domain and one free year of web hosting.

    This is an active workshop so be ready to work on your site!
    Before this workshop, we'll have Wordpress installed on your chosen
    domain (or if you already have a website you don't want to get rid of
    just yet, we'll make you a space you can work and then we can move
    your new site live if you are ready to do so after the class!) Bring a
    computer, bring your questions, and, most importantly, bring your
    ideas. You are NOT going to want to write your company history or crop
    photos in the middle of this workshop so the more stuff you have to
    work with, the better your website will be at the end of the day.

    If you have an existing Wordpress website and simply want training on
    it, this is also a good class to attend. You'll have less to do but
    you'll have more time to look around your current site and understand
    how it works better.

    10:00 AM- Website Needs and Costs (domain names and hosting)
    10:15 AM- Your website options (DIY software like Squarespace, free
    stuff like Google Sites, and Wordpress) AKA Why this is a Wordpress
    10:30 AM- Basic Website Principles: Calls to action, where we
    traditionally place certain elements like navigational menus, thinking
    about mobile experience
    11:00 AM- Making Pages on your site (adding links, formatting, adding photos)
    11:30 AM- Making a navigational menu
    12:00 PM- Lunch
    12:30 PM- Choosing your design/theme: What are your options and
    figuring out what you like
    1:00 PM - Design 2.0: Customizing your design for you
    1:30 PM- Adding Function to your website with plugins: Adding dynamic
    elements like Facebook like buttons, a contact form, and more. A list
    of some of my favorites.
    2:00 PM- Tracking your website with Google Analytics
    2:30 PM- Q and A, work time to finish website

    Example site made in this class last year:

    Call 207-664-0222 to reserve a spot!