Weaving Structure and Design Tutorial with Chris Leith

Weaving Structure and Design

Tutorial with Chris Leith

Saturday, May 27th

10 a.m.–2 p.m.

This tutorial with master weaver Chris Leith of Eggemoggin Textile Studio is an opportunity for students from our Warping Weaving Workshop to advance their study and gain more technical knowledge as they tackle new weaving projects. The four hour tutorial will focus on weave structures and the challenges of designing a project. 

Weave Structures

Students can expect to learn about some of the weave structure families, including: plain weave, twill, lace, and double weave. We will also compare commercial and handwoven samples made with different fibers and yarns. Our discussion will focus on how various cloth structures are used and the weaving notation (draft) for these structures. This tutorial will help new weavers understand new structures, and affirm that they are less confusing than they may look!

Designing a Project

The second portion of this tutorial will focus on the challenges of designing a project. Selecting a pattern and materials leads to all kinds of other decisions. Chris will help explain how to navigate these decisions as you move forward with your design. We will go through various approaches to planning your project, including ways to design an interesting warp without breaking the bank (How much yarn should I purchase?) and the importance of sett (ends per inch or EPI). This portion of the tutorial will also include some practice project worksheets.

You can reserve a space for this tutorial by filling out the form below or you can give us a call at 207.664.0222