Make a Glass Bead with Tara

Make a Glass Bead with Tara Parker

April 28
Reservations available between 10am-2pm   $40.00

This experience introduces you to the basics of flameworking and offers a focused experience with hot glass. Tara Parker demonstrates how to work with molten glass at the torch, and guides you through the process of making one of your very own glass beads.

You’ll start by turning a mandrel – a metal rod used in beadmaking – in the flame.

Melting colored glass rods in the flame and applying the molten glass to your mandrel will create your bead design. How you wind the glass onto the mandrel makes patterns and beautiful unique glassy designs.

Students should expect to spend one hour in the workshop as Tara makes her way to your turn the actual time spent making a bead is a fairly swift process and usually takes about 20- minutes.

Pieces must cool overnight and can be picked up the next day, or shipped within the US and Canada at no additional cost.

Age requirements- 18 and over

Call 664-0222 to make a reservation